2018 - Drainage Modernization Grant

The NFCRWD is currently the drainage authority on 13 103E public drainage systems and wishes to improve the organization of its drainage system records to reach informed management decisions more quickly. Currently, the majority of drainage system records are available electronically but not organized or indexed for efficient searching and review to support daily operations. Likewise, GIS data such as centerlines have been created but are not standardized or validated against the drainage system records. NFCRWD envisions completing the following tasks under the grant application:

Task 1 – Organizing Records: Review, categorize and index all currently available drainage system records which have been previously scanned and loaded into DrainageDB. Any newly discovered documents will also be scanned. Each document will be named using guidance in the DRM guidelines. This task will be completed by NFCRWD staff as in-kind match. Additionally, assistance from a consulting firm will support and help guide this task.
Task 2 – Modernizing GIS Layers: The NFCRWD has previously created a ditch centerline layer. This task will update the drainage centerline layer, create ditchshed and structure layers and populate attributes consistent with DRM guidelines for all 13 public drainage systems. This task will be led by a consulting firm and assisted by NFCRWD staff. Across the 13 public drainage systems, there is approximately 135 miles of drainage system with the majority being open channel ditches.