Life in the pits: A look at soil management and crop health

Farmers and agronomists are invited to this unique, small-group field day "in the pits"  Sept. 10 to learn about soil health. Participants will see how soil responds to different tillage, topography and crop management practices by examining the soil profiles in four different pits. Learn about:

  • How to identify different levels of soil structure.
  • How to sample soil and determine soil texture. 
  • How to relate soil analysis results to soil type and depth, slope, and management (organic matter, pH, phosphorus, potassium, salts and carbonates).
  • Why aggregated soils are beneficial.
  • How to avoid or remedy soil compaction.
  • What microbes and earthworms need to thrive. 
Tuesday, Sept. 10, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., American Legion, 60 6th Ave., Granite Falls. For more information contact: Mary Jo Fox, or 320-235-0726 x2001. There is no charge, space is limited. This event is co-sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension, SWCD and the Hawk Creek Watershed. Register online.