Manure Management

The Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers has produced and funded a training video based on the publication, Applying Manure in Sensitive Areas. MACFO also funded a reprint of the publication. The 15-minute video is narrated by Virginia Westlie of Goodhue County, and produced by Fox Video Productions of Faribault. A link to the video is posted on the MPCA Feedlot Program web pages for nutrient management and county feedlot officer toolbox.

Video: Managing manure near sensitive areas►


Manure Applications

Minimum setbacks near waters

(counties can be more restrictive than state Rule 7020)

                                           Surface                Incorporation

                                           Application          within 24 hrs.

Lake, Stream                      300’*                   25’**

Wetlands (10+ac.)             300’*                   25’**

Ditches (w/o berms)          300’*                   25’**

Open tile intakes                300’                     0’

Well, quarry                       50’                       50’

Sinkhole (w/o berms)

              Downslope           50’                       50’

              Upslope               300’                     50’

*100’ vegetated buffer can be used instead of 300’ setback

For non-winter applications (50’ buffer for wetlands/ditches)

**no long-term phosphorus buildup within 300’

Feedlot Helpline : 1877-333-3508