DNR releases new Bonanza Valley map for groundwater recharge

New groundwater recharge maps for the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area are available, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The map, which shows where wetland restorations are most likely to recharge aquifers, is a valuable tool for conservationists and local government planners.

“The groundwater recharge map is one part of a DNR action plan to assure groundwater use will remain sustainable as defined by state statute,” said groundwater planner Mark Hauck. “This map will help assure groundwater is available for future generations.

Another part of the action plan directs the DNR to work with other organizations and agencies including watershed districts, counties and local units of government to identify important groundwater recharge areas and opportunities to enhance recharge.

The DNR developed the interactive Bonanza Valley GWMA Groundwater Recharge through Restorable Wetlands Map as outlined in the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area plan. The map shows where wetland restorations are most likely to recharge wetlands.

Information used to make the map

The DNR used a number of resources in order to develop the groundwater recharge map.

  • The Minnesota Restorable Wetlands map, developed in a partnership with Ducks Unlimited and funded by the Minnesota State Lottery
  • The Pollution Sensitivity Map from the DNR’s Geologic Atlas program, funded by the Minnesota state legislature
  • US Fish and Wildlife National Wetlands Inventory
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service soil survey

How to use the map

After clicking on the map version links below, you will see a white dialog box at the center of the screen. Click the right or left arrows to scroll through the features of the online map tool called the Watershed Health Assessment Framework, or “WHAF”. Users can also go directly to the map by simply clicking the little “X” at the upper right hand corner of the white dialog box.

Three different maps highlight different resources.

You may change the map by selecting data layers () and background maps () by clicking on the icons at the left of the screen. Or, explore the ecological health score maps () to view prepared maps.

Interested in downloading the GIS layers?

GIS data layers can be downloaded from the State of Minnesota’s Geospatial Data Resource Site (GDRS) found HERE.

Minnesotans are encouraged to restore wetlands wherever possible. Wetlands and wetland restorations have multiple benefits.

Next Bonanza Valley GWMA Meeting

The DNR is committed to keeping the community informed of project updates through local meetings. The next Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area meeting will be held late this fall after harvest. Look for more details in your email inbox.

If you have questions about the map or the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area, contact Mark Hauck, Project Manager at 320-223-7846 or mark.hauck@state.mn.us .

Project Funding Funding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). The trust fund is a permanent fund constitutionally established by Minnesotans to assist in the protection, conservation, preservation and enhancement of the state’s air, water, land, fish, wildlife and other natural resources.