Aquatic Invasive Species - Above and Below the Waterline

Wildlife Forever and Wired2Fish collaborated on this short film, which displays rarely seen footage of several Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) from unique perspectives. 

These invasive aquatic plants and animals threaten native species, and how we interact with water resources (boating, fishing, swimming, etc.). Our mission is to help spur awareness of the impacts of AIS, prompt collaboration, and empower user groups to take action against their spread. For more information, contact:

Minnesota Waters At Risk - Aquatic Invasive Species

Minnesota's rich outdoor heritage is now threatened by aquatic invasive species that jeopardize recreation and the delicate ecological order. This video explains why it's time for Minnesotans to take that threat seriously.

Newest Invasive Species Confirmed in Local Lake

Invasive species Starry Stonewort confirmed in Lake Koronis and Mud Lake. 

Starry stonewort are grass-like algae that may produce dense mats, which could interfere with use of the lake. The invasive plant also may choke out native plants and possibly alter habitat for young fish. 

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