Grove Lake Vegetation Survey

Grove Lake is located near the city of Grove Lake on the edge of Pope County, MN. Grove Lake has an approximate surface area of 344 acres, with 230 littoral acres (areas less than 15 feet deep), 5.13 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth of 31 feet. Wenck Associates, Inc. was contracted by the NFCRWD and the Grove Lake Association to conduct aquatic vegetation point intercept surveys to document the extent of early spring curlyleaf pondweed and the late summer vegetation community (native and AIS).

The 2017 survey efforts focused on the eastern basin of the lake. The eastern basin is deeper than the western basin and has significantly more lakeshore properties. The western basin is shallow with few residential properties. Efforts were made to document the species present in the western basin, however, late season navigation was difficult and not fully assessed. This technical memorandum summarizes the survey methodology and results of the recent assessments.